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Lake Toya is a caldera lake that was created by a major volcanic eruption that took place tens of thousands of years ago.
It has a perimeter of about 36.5km, and in the center lie four islands: Oshima, Kannon-shima, Benten-jima, and Manjuu-jima.
Ezo-deers inhabit Oshima, where there is the Forest Museum, and there is a reciprocating boat that sails back and forth.

Around the lake front is a hot spring region, where there are many spa facilities.
Also, there is the Showa Shinzan, which is also known as the "natural volcanic museum".
If you take the ropeway and climb up Usuzan, there is a big resort spot where you can enjoy the lake front view as well as scenary such as Yoteizan and the Uchiura bay of the Pacific Ocean.

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Traveling guide
* Toya Lake Ship TEL 0142-75-2137
This is tour boat that travels to the four islands. The luxurious catamaran ship, which reflects the image of a medieval ancient castle, is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. During prolonged periods when the firework festival takes place, firework-viewing ships operate every night.

Fares: Adults: 1,320 yen, Children: 660 yen.
Firework-viewing shipts: Adults: 1,500 yen, Children: 800 yen.
Sailing times: Summer: 8am - 4:30pm (Operates every 30 minutes)
Excursion: 50 minutes (90 minutes for shore excursions)

Lake Toya Steam Ship Company

*Toya lake side
 A park that is a base for watersports such as yachting, canooing, wind surfing, and boating. It is a place where one can take walks and relax on the the grass on the lake side.

*Sobetsu park
Toya, where one can view the vast panorama of Yoteizan, Usuzan, and Showa-Shinzan. Sobetsu Waterfall is located nearby where the plum-grove blooms all together around the beginning of May. This is too good to miss!

*Observation deck
This is low hill at the north of the lake. Lake Toya and its lakeside are before your eyes, and the panorama of Raibadake, Murorandake, and Usuzan can be seen in the distance.

*Ukimidou Park
This is a quiet park on the northern shore of the lakeside. The double vermillion-lacquered tower was built in honor of Shotokutaishi.

*Takeshiro slope
This is a slope with a wonderful view that leads to the Yoteizan that Takeshiro Matsuura praised. There is a parking lot as well as a park, and the view of Lake Toya and the fuming Usuzan are splendor.

*Lake Toya Sculpture Garden
With a perimeter of 36.5km, the lakeside of Lake Toya is the perfect cycling course for enjoying the scenery, changing from the fresh greenery of spring to the foliage season of autumn. One cycle around the course takes about four to five hours, but with the beautiful scenery and the refreshing breeze, the cycling is bound to be pleasant. On the way, there are 58 sculptures by 55 sculptors that represents Japan, and it is as if the entire lake side of Toya is an outdoor museum. Also, there are Kannnondo statues in 33 places around the lake, so it is likely that you will be entertained whichever way you choose to go around it.

*Lake Toya Forest Museum TEL 0142-75-4400
The Shinrin Museum is located on the large island where the reciprocating boat sails. There are lots of information about the nature and creatures in the are of Lake Toya. The multi-slide show there that presents the successive beauties of the season to season changes of Lake Toya is worth seeing.
Entry fee: Adults: 200 yen, children: 100 yen. (10% off with 15 people or more)
Open: April-November 9am-5pm

*Volcano Museum of ScienceTEL 0142-75-2555
This is a facility with a collection of valuable data related to volcanoes, such as the data of the volcanic eruption of the Usuzan of 1977, the eruption of year 2000, as well as 16 minute video clips.
Entry fee: Adults: 600 yen, children: 300 yen.

Open: 9am-5pm
Closed: year-end and new-years.

*Showa Shinzan
This is a new mountain with an altitude of 406.9m, which was created by the bulging of the dry field cased by volcanic activity between December 28th of 1943 and September 10th of 1945. Even today, one can see it raising fumes up close.

*Mimatsu Masao Memorial HallTEL 0142-75-2365
Mimatsu Masao experienced the creation of the new mountains created by the eruptions of Meiji-shinzan, Showa-shinzan, Usu-shinzan, and precisely recorded the creation of Showa-shinzan. After that, he recorded every detail of the activities of the Usu-zan, and his drawings and investigations is known as "Mimatsu diagram", which is acclaimed by the world. This Memorial Hall exhibits his observation records.

Entry fees: Adults: 300 yen, children: 250 yen.
Open: April-October 8am-7pm
Novermber-March 9am-4pm (With temporary closings)

*Ainu Memorial Hall TEL 0142-75-2053
This gives exposure to the culture left by the Ainu tribe. One can also watch shows such as dances here.
Entry fees: 1 Show (15 minutes) 3,675 yen
Adults: 210 yen, Middle/High school students: 140 yen, Children:105 yen (Group discounts).
Open: Late April-Late October 8am-5pm

*Volcanic Vent
On March 31st of 2000 at around 1:10pm, Usuzan erupted for the first time in 22 years and 7 months. This volcanic vent raises volcanic smoke to this day. There is a walking trail that leads near it, and there is also a observatory deck to see it.

*Usuzan Eruption Memorial Park
This is a lawn that is on a small isle, which is located further east from the hot-spring town of the lakeside. There are facilities such as tennis courts, and it is also the best spot for watching long-run fire-works that goes on for half a year.

*Showa Shinzan Glass MuseumTEL 0142-73-3300
There are handcrafted glass, spoons, cups, and plates that come from around the world. On the second floor, there is a beautiful chandelier made with the finest crystal which is worth ten-million dollars.
Open: April-October 8am-7:30pm
    Novermber-March 8:30am-4:30pm

*Showa Shinzan Bear ranch TEL 0142-75-2290
Around 100 brown bears around the size of 2 meters are being bred here.
Entry fees: Adults: 800 yen, children: 500 yen.
Open: Summer: 8am-5pm, Winter: 9am-4pm

*Yokozuna Kitanoumi Memorial Hall

55th Yokozuna Kitanoumi, a native of Sobetsu-cho where Lake Toya is located, has a record of 24 victories and 951 wins. This memorial hall honors his foot steps. Kitanoumi is currently the head director of the Japan Sumo Association. This hall is also the local resource center of Sobetsu-cho, so one can view the historical resources of this town as well.
Entry fees: Adults: 250 yen, children: 100 yen
(For groups of 20 or more: Adults: 200 yen, children 80 yen)
Open: 9am-5pm
Closed: Novermber-April, Every Monday
Tel: 0142-66-2201

*Usuzan Ropeway TEL 0142-75-2401
Usuzan is a volcano south of Toya Caldera, and it is said that it has been active since fifteen thousand to twenty thousand years ago. It had a large eruption on August 7th of 1977, and it is an active volcano that still sends up volcanic fume today. It is across from Showashinzan, and there is a ropeway that holds 106 people that goes up to the area near the peak of the mountain. There, you can enjoy the view lakeside of Lake Toya all the way to Yoteizan and Uchiura bay.
Fees (Round-trip): Adults: 1,450 yen, children: 730 yen.
Open: 8:15am-5:30pm (15 minutes)
Varies according to the season.
Usuzan Ropeway

Sports and Leisure Information
Rental Cycle (43km… around 4hrs to circle the lakeside)
*Toya Rental Cycle TEL 0142-75-2406
*Nakanishi Cycle TEL 0142-75-2820
*Showa Shinzan YH TEL 0142-75-2283

Tennis court (Abuta Tennis court)
Service period: 4/1-11/30 (Everyday)
Service times: 9am-9pm
Everyone but local towns people will be charged
TEL 0142-76-2937 (Mother and Child Hall)

*Park Golf
*Sakura Park Golf Field
 36Holes, 500yen per day, TEL 0142-82-5525
*Toya Interaction park
 18Holes, 200yen, TEL 0142-82-5111
*Sobetsucho Park Golf Field
 18Holes, 300yen, TEL 0142-66-2201
*History Park Yuhigaoka Park Golf Field
 27Holes, Adults:500yen, children: 250yen, equipment rental fee:200 yen, TEL 0142-76-2422

*Toya Lake Hill Golf Club
 36Holes, Par144
 TEL 0142-22-1122

*Date Country Club
A beautiful plain and mountain view at the base of Usuzan. 18 holes, Par72. Appointments only. Visitor plays welcome.
(On Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays, members get priority. Appointments can be made 1 month in advance)
TEL 0142-38-2531

Hot springs information

Lake Toya has hot springs with various qualities. One can enjoy the variety of the springs.

*Lake Toya Hot Spring
This hot spring is number three in the nation for its amount of hot water. In terms of the number of hotels and production, it is the number one tourist area in Hokkaido. The view of the lake and the surrounding mountains is beautiful.
Spring Quality: Weak Salt Spring
Good for: gastroenteric disorder, chronic muscle pains, stiff shoulders, general feminine problems, etc.

A hot spring on the north of the lake. It is favored as a less well-known resort.
Spring quality: sodium sulfate, Sodium Spring
Good for: High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, wounds.
Link information: Town of Toyako

*Sobetsu Hot Springs
This is located just 3km away from Lake Toya, and it has the setting of a resort in a quiet forest.

*Single Day Hot Spring of Sobetsucho
*Yuai's house TEL 0142-66-2310
Spring quality: hydrogen carbonate, chloride
Good for: neuralgic pains, muscle pains, joint pains, stiff shoulders
Open: 10am-8:15pm
Closed: Always open during summer times (=Mid-April through Mid-November)
During winter time (=Mid-November through Mid-April), closed every Mondays.
(The next day when the Monday is a holiday)
Entry fees: Adults: 390 yen, children: 140 yen, toddler: 70yen.

*Kubonai Interaction CenterTEL 0142-65-2010
Spring quality: Sodium, sulfate spring
Good for: Dermatological problems, feminine problems, neuralgic pains
Open: 10am-8:30pm
Closed: Wednesdays
Entry fee: Adults: 390yen, children: 140yen, and toddlers: 70yen

*Bankei Interaction CenterTEL 0142-65-2004
Spring quality: Sodium, sulfate spring
Good for: Neuralgic pains, dermatological problems, cuts, burns
Open: 2pm-8pm (Weekdays)
10am-8pm (Holidays and weekends)
Closed: Tuesdays
Fees: Adults: 390yen, Children: 140yen, Toddlers: 70yens

*Kimundo's houseTEL 0142-66-7022
Spring quality: Calcium, Sulfate spring
Good for: Neuralgic pains, muscle pains, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, etc.
Open: 10am-9pm
Closed: Thursdays (But open in July and August)
Entry fees: Adults: 390 yen, Children: 140 yen, toddlers: 70 yen.

Accessing Lake Toya

Sapporo - Nakayama Touge - Lake Toya
National highway 230 (103km, 150min)
Tomakomai - Muroran - Lake Toya
National highway 36/37 (69km, 90min)
Hakodate - Oshyamanbe - Lake Toya
National highway 5/37 (160km, 3hr30min)

Donan Bus Sapporo: TEL 011-865-5511
     Lake Toya Springs: TEL 0142-75-2351
     Noboribetsu Springs: TEL 0143-84-3111    
JR Sapporo Station - Jyozankei - Lake Toya (About 2hr 40 min)
Fare: One way: 2,700 yen,
Round trip: 4,790 yen

*Trains (JR)
Hakodate - Toya Station: Hakodate/Muroran line (Express: about 1hr 30min)
Sapporo - Toya Station: Muroran line (Express: about 1hr 40min)
Minamichitose - Toya Station: Muroran line (Express: about 1hr 15min)
Tomakomai - Toya Station: Muroran line (Express: about 1hr)

To travel from the Toya station to Lake Toya, please take the Donan Bus or taxi
Toya tourism hire TEL 0142-75-2468
Toya hire TEL 0142-75-2266
Donan hire TEL 0142-75-2277

Please contact us for details: TEL0142-75-2446
Toyakoonsen Tourist Association

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